Shoe Care

There is nothing more distressing than throwing away your favourite pair of shoes way ahead of time, just because of lack of care. Without good upkeep, shoes tend to get ruined and won't see another season. Trust us, these simple tips are totally worth it; considering the amount of time, money and hours long dilemma one invests in finding that perfect pair of shoes!

Please note since we’re completely vegan, all our products are made using synthetic leather and / or other fabrics such as suede, velvet, satin etc.

Protective Measures

It is recommended to use a waterproof spray on any new pair of shoes to nourish and protect them from damp. Leather conditioners help in extending the durability of faux leather.

Avoid getting your shoes wet, however, if you’re still surprised with an unexpected puddle or two OR a rain shower, then stuff your wet shoes with paper to soak up the moisture and leave them out to dry naturally.

Avoid drying your synthetic leather shoes in direct sunlight, as this may fade their colour. UV rays also break down the coating used to create imitation leather, causing it to crack.

Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes consecutively for days. After wearing your shoes for an entire day, give them a day off to air out.

While travelling always pack your shoes in shoe bags. This will protect them and your clothes from soiling. The inside of the bag can be used as shoe mitt.

Our feet have the tendency to swell through the day, especially when you are sitting for longer time. Hence, we recommend you should buy shoes in the latter part of the day since you are more likely to buy shoes that will be more comfortable to wear at any point.


Synthetic Leather

Clean synthetic leather footwear with a mixture of warm water and mild dish/hand soap, applied gently by hand. Spot-treat stains as needed to keep your shoes looking good, and wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Stains become stronger over time and hence tougher to take off.


Suede is more fragile than synthetic leather and harder to take care of. To maintain the quality of this product we recommended you get hold of a suede cleaner to use on stubborn stains and always use a very soft cloth rag, a slightly dampened cloth designed for use on suede and protect from damp conditions. You can use a rubber eraser to gently remove dirt, scuffs and smudges on even your most delicate pair of kicks.


Our shoes are made with precious textiles, to maintain these characteristics we recommend you protect them from water and humidity, keeping them away from heat sources and keep them in their protective dustbag. To clean this, squeeze a mild hand wash onto a soft towel and gently rub the shoes until the dirt begins to wear off. Let your shoes dry overnight and they’ll soon be as shiny as new.

Handmade embroideries

Our shoes are made with embroideries created by hand and any differences and irregularity are the result of the uniqueness of artisanal work. Take your item to a professional dry cleaner if the embroidery needs thorough cleaning.

* For our embellished shoes – Our artisans take utmost care in sewing on the embellishments; however, an accidental bump may cause these to loosen or fall down. Therefore, we provide extra embellishments with your shoe, which can easily be patched on again!


All types of synthetic leather, fabrics and other materials, including metal accessories, react to humidity and may cause permanent wear and tear. Do NOT store your shoes in boxes. This will make the fabric deteriorate because of moisture, especially in humid conditions. We recommend you to store them the soft dust bags that come along with your shoe, in a cool dry place after every use.

To ensure your shoes retain their shape, use shoe trees/shoe shapers to store your favourite pair of shoes. This will preserve the shoe shape much longer. The simple jugaad will be to stuff them with newspaper or acid free paper to make them retain their shape.

Voila! Your shoes are now sparkly clean and ready to hit the road.