About Mriggs

Mriggs is a boutique shoe crafting company that offers a premium range of handcrafted footwear, made exclusively for women! We offer a product that truly amalgamates the comfort of an excellent quality shoe with a distinctive modern aesthetic. With the aspiration to come up with never seen before designs that feel luxurious yet original, we work only with highly experienced shoe craftsmen who can incorporate our designs into the shoes that our customers would love to wear.

Our products are a result of passion and creativity, that inspire a sense of style, elegance and glamour, allowing one to walk with confidence. Keeping in mind the importance of quality and comfort in addition to aesthetics and appeal in our shoes, we strive to make the perfect amalgamation of these qualities. A Mriggs shoe undergoes adequate scrutiny at all stages of production right from designing to pattern making to production; to ensure our customers get all the value for their money. Every pair we make, is a product of both expertise and experience amassed by the best in the industry.

While making a quality shoe is our primary goal, we try to provide our customers with a complete shopping experience that extends right from our user-friendly website, on time delivery, and very importantly, the unboxing experience of a new shoe. Our shoes are wrapped in a beautiful butter paper, which is then placed in a handcrafted box made of recycled paper that also contains a soft, perfectly embroidered cotton dust bag for your convenience. We promise, opening our shoes for the first time is guaranteed to bring a smile on your face!!

About the Designer

Mriggs is a boutique shoe brand that specializes in designing and manufacturing footwear for women who desire both quality and style on their feet. The idea of Mriggs had its origin in the mind of its founder and owner, Mruga Agrawal who is an MSc Marketing graduate from University of Bath, UK and an MBA graduate from the University of Rochester, New York. After 12 long years, a duo of post graduate degrees, and a rich experience in the field of marketing, she decided to switch careers to follow her passion and moved on to obtain a formal training in Shoe Making and Design at the London College of Fashion in pursuit of what really excites her.

Mriggs is a dream come true for her as it created leverage to showcase her passion and expertise in providing handcrafted quality footwear. She is personally involved in curating each style keeping in mind the latest fashion trends, hand-picking all the materials, at the same time keeping a hawk’s eye on quality at each stage to ensure a perfect pair each time!

Our Process

Each pair of Mriggs is meticulously handcrafted using age-old shoe crafting techniques that have been passed down through generations of artisan shoemakers. A multi-tier process begins with sketches and illustrations, to khakas with with which they are hand embroidered on to the fabric, focusing on every knot and stitch, followed by pattern cutting, hand lasting and sole pasting to turn them into a beautiful pair of Mriggs shoes! We pay immense attention to comfort and aim to ensure the best fit and quality, which is then delivered to you with love!

While, it is true that no two pairs of handcrafted shoes can be exactly alike, it is this very inconsistency and exclusivity that makes our shoes special and offer the satisfaction to every girl of owning a pair of luxurious shoes – completely vegan and handcrafted!