Genius Shoe Hacks for Home!

1. Quite often, new shoes may lack grip. A quick fix to get better traction is to apply sandpaper to the soles, and your shoes will get a lot grippier!

2. Simply get a bit of clear gel deodorant, and rub it onto the inner heel of your shoes. It’s known as the ‘magic wand’ to prevent blisters even after a long night on the dance floor

3. Sprinkling baby powder under the inner shoe sole is the best fix for squeaky shoes that you can hear from miles away

4. If the shoe is too snug, use a hair dryer on low heat to expand it. Alternatively, you can put on thick socks and blow dry any uncomfortable spot. The heat will loosen up the material and will help your feet break in

5. Put unused tea bags in your shoes; they’re absolutely great at absorbing unpleasant smells

6. A quick way to loosen the one spot where the shoe is too tight – the top of the shoe, is to fill water in an airtight bag / ziplock bag and stick it in the toe area and let the shoes rest in the freezer overnight. When the water expands to turn into ice, it widens the shoe toes

7. If your feet are the kinds to feel pain around the arches, you can use arch support insoles to help relieve the stress immediately

8. If your feet are prone to blisters, you may want to consider buying a blister protective spray that provides a barrier around your foot when dry

9. For minor scuffs, or just to restore shoes, apply some Vaseline or any petroleum jelly on a cotton swab and rub gently until the scuff is gone. Works best on patent leather

10. To keep your shoes moisture free, grab some paper towels/old newspapers and keep it in the shoes to absorb any left-over moisture after a rainy day in those shoes

11. A quick tip to clean suede, is to use bread to get rid of stains as cloth will just worsen the delicate fabric

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